Regardless of the future of human service innovation, it is important for organizations to make the most of the power of change in accordance with their specific circumstances.

Founded in 1987, New World Company. It is a privately held, independent, recognized leader and best known manufacturer of Nonwoven products. With natural and synthetic fibers Used in reinforcement For users in Thailand and abroad

Expert in innovative Needle Punch techniques manufacturing for over two decades. By combining Air Laid's processes to fabricate and finish them through various nonwoven materials. As a result of today's complex processes, New World has taken the highest level of development and innovation in the production of various products. For a wide range of industrial applications

From the original New World companies that were joined together from upstream to downstream In the production of products until marketing in Thailand, Asia, East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and other countries, divided into seven market segments, including New World and two affiliates.

The convenience of doing business with New World depends on the following fundamentals.

- Promote the natural fiber sheet or synthetic fiber sheet made from waste materials for reinforcement.

- Proudly entering the future with a consciousness for the earth and human beings.

- Work together to develop strategies with customers, employees, vendors and partners.

- Provide services, products and methods to meet customer needs.

- We will keep improving and welcome customers' opinions.


Our products are not only used in industrial applications. But we are part of everyone's daily life. And we are ready to make your day easier and more comfortable. We promise that we will never stop innovating. Along with improving the quality of products and services For a better quality of life for you that choose us as a priority.


Research and development

According to the tradition of New World Company Have provided services to famous companies To meet the needs of partners Companies that simulate production before going into the continuous production process, such as joining, coating, forming, molding, as well as the availability of quality testing equipment in the inspection room. To assess the quality of the product that is consistent with the wishes or not

Because I have a production manager and a production team. As well as research and development personnel, they work together to help design products using various fibers, reagents, resins and coats, and quality checks are performed during production. Before entering the mass production process This practice reduces the cost of product development and research. Benefit from partners and manufacturers In addition, it can also be developed according to the needs of each customer. Developments in this approach create flexibility for the company. Reduce development time and costs.

Creation of talent and expertise It involves the expertise and personnel in production. Which makes the New World Company It is recognized by famous big companies such as 3M , Johnson Control , SAS , MG , Toyota & Honda Vendors , Ten Cate , Blobal Synthetics  And others to trust in the New World Produce products for those companies Leading to the production of finished products of the company. New World Company Become a contributor to make them famous quickly.


Under the consciousness of the New World Group in the transformation of waste to be used for the most benefit and the least impact on the world and life. We look forward to your support in choosing yes to products made from recycled materials. To help protect the world

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